WP&UP subscription model, can we offer it for free to end-users?


One potential model to create a sustainable WP&UP is the membership model. As part of the business plan we’ve created forecasted figures based on the following cost model:


I’d like to open a discussion around the concept of offering the membership free to end-users, ensuring the WP&UP services are available to the widest possible audience by removing cost as a barrier to entry. We then work with either a or multiple corporate partner(s) to funds each individuals membership.

This model would enable the corporate partner(s) to fund only the services consumed by the community, rather then asking for a lump sum of £xxx. I would expect this to be favourable, in that, we can offer a direct coloration between money invested by the partner and the number of people actively receiving WP&UP services and eyes on partners branding. We could offer a limit to the number of places a partner funds to ensure they know the maximum they will invest in a given period.

This potentially provides a long-term sustainable model for the charity but doesn’t give it the initial cash injection needed to create the mentorship, training and support services.

Open to all ideas and thoughts on this…