Stuck in my own head!


I’m finding I’m spending more and more time stuck in my own head and not connecting with others to discuss the thoughts I have. Part of the problem is, I don’t have an obvious avenue to discuss these issues. I want to talk about things that impact my business but I’m never sure who’ll just laugh and think I’m being a fool.


Something I’ve found invaluable is a regular online meeting with a group of people on Slack. We get together fortnightly and go over our achievements of the past couple of weeks, what we want to get done in the next, and chat about what’s gone well and what has not. Absolute trust is key, of course, but this can be developed within the Slack WP communities, I believe.

Something I find in the UK WP Slack and the Genesis Slack groups is that people of all levels and experience are welcome. There really are no stupid questions.