Communication around WP&UP


As handy as WhatApp is for quick back and forth, it’s not a sustainable route for team communication. Plus it goes against the WP&UP ethos of being open. Although we have our own Slack, all the event organisers are also in the WP UK Slack team and thats where most communication about events happen:

WP&UP Slack:
WP&UP Forum:
WP&UP (closed) Facebook Group:

Could I encourage you all to join the various channels please? They all serve different purposes. It would be preferential if we can get the following set up:

  • Ideas / planning that need discussion around them onto the Forum
  • General conversations (including private ones) onto the WP&UP Slack (these can quickly be posted into the Forum using the /forum command as conversations expand)
  • Event management onto the WP UK Slack
  • Public support / discussion / mentorship onto any of the three WP&UP channels - Facebook Group / Forum / Slack